See What Wasteline Services Group Are Up To!

We are passionate in providing first class drainage services to our customers and we want to share that with you. Check below to see what Wasteline Services has been up to lately!

Wasteline Takes Delivery of It's First JHL Flexline 312!


A First Class Jet Vac

Last week we took delivery of our first JHL Flexline 312 after having the opportunity to visit the factory in Denmark to see the build in progress. Mounted on the new-gen Scania P360, the 312 will sit along side our current fleet of Whale Jet Vac and Vacuum Tankers. A combined sewer cleaning tanker and high-pressure jetting unit can handle almost any task in sewer clearing as well as other emptying and cleaning tasks. We look forward to getting the beast out on the road and seeing what it can do!


All Trained Up

After taking delivery, the first class services from JHL also provided an excellent trainer named Steve, who made the long drive down from Preston to give our engineers the required training. The two day course guided our engineers through the many functions of the 312, including operating the jetting hoses, getting to grips with operating the vacuum cassette and learning to move the 'piston' partition in which enables us to increase and decrease capacity on the front and rear tank sections. The sun was even out too!

Wasteline Invests In New Drainage CCTV Systems


The Clearest Quality

We have invested heavily in the latest Proteus Tractor and Push Cam offerings from Mini-Cam. Supplied to us by DCR (, the new camera equipment will allow us to continue to provide first class CCTV reports but this time enable us to to write the report up there and then while on site! Our CCTV division will sure have some fun getting to grips with the new gear. We intend to use this on our Pre-Adoption surveys, providing first class reporting to the water authority. 


The Latest Kit

Of course with the new camera systems it's only right that we have a new CCTV van. Our new Ford Transit has been kitted out with a purpose built 'dry side' CCTV studio in the front half, intended for reporting via Win Can and watching the camera through the lines. The 'wet side' rear has been fitted with all the equipment needed to lift the camera in and out of the chamber safely as well as an intercom system to TV screens to watch the camera as well!